Sunday, June 05, 2011

CERN experiment traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds

CERN Press Release:

CERN experiment traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds

Geneva, 5 June 2011. In a paper published online by the journal Nature Physics today, the ALPHA experiment at CERN[1] reports that it has succeeded in trapping antimatter atoms for over 16 minutes: long enough to begin to study their properties in detail. ALPHA is part of a broad programme at CERN’s antiproton decelerator (AD)[2] investigating the mysteries of one of nature’s most elusive substances.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Faith meets science at CERN, Geneva

This week a Vatican delegation, leaded by Card. Giovanni Lajolo, Governor of Vatican City,  has visited CERN (Geneva), where LHC Project is going to have a new start kick (link SRM).

This visit has been a real opportunity for an "official meeting" between science and faith.
Cardinal Lajolo has had the opportunity to have a fast course about particles phisics, given by prof. Edward Witten (Princeton University), a phisicist in the forefront of the unification of Albert Eistein genaral relativity theory, and Quantum Phisics theory.   ...  read all, SRM

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Newsletter SRM versione testuale

Dal numero 82 abbiamo iniziato a pubblicare la Newsletter SRM anche in formato html, solo testo, sia per facilitare la lettura della Newsletter a chi avesse una connessione (anche temporaneamente) non particolarmente veloce, sia a chi comunque preferisca la versione html allo scaricamento di files pdf.

La Newsletter sarà quindi pubblicata nelle due versioni; come sempre, è riproducibile da chiunque, purché venga citata la fonte (SRM, e non ne vengano alterati i contenuti, o comunque collocati in contesti non appropriati.

Siamo disponibili per qualsiasi informazione o chiarimento su questi ed altri aspetti, scrivendo a

Abbiamo anche iniziato a pubblicare gradualmente in formato html i numeri precedenti (attualmente fino alla n. 64)

SRM NewslettersSRM Newsletter n. 82 - sito web SRM

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New SRM Web Site

As announced, we have released and published last version of SRM - Science and Religion in Media web site.

Web site, actually in upgrading phase, it's more simple and more easy to read, and it will display, in a few dasy, search functions for blogs, news, documents and informations published on web site. We have also modified web site graphics.

Link ( and contacts are the same; thus blogs are going to be soon upgraded, and integrated inside the web skte structure, functionally as SRM News.

We're going to send a message with information about web site structure and changes

We please you to provide us any eventual observation, suggestion, comment, to, or

P. Rafael Pascual
Dean of School of Philosophy, and Director of Science and Faith Diploma Program

Paolo Centofanti
Director of SRM - Science and Faith Diploma Program

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The STOQ '07 International Conference "Ontogeny and Human Life"

The STOQ '07 International Conference, concluded last saturday november 17, has begun with relations of H.E. Msgr. Gianfranco Ravasi, President of Pontifical Council of Culture, and H.E. Msgr. Elio Sgreccia, President of Pontifical Academy for Life.

Msgr Ravasi has also invited to a new dialogue between science and faith, going over misunderstandings on Evolutionism. He has quoted Msgr. Fiorenzo Facchini (Bologna University), saying that "there is a real choice not between evolution and creation, but between vision of an evolving world, depending on a creator God (according to His project), and the vision of an all-sufficient world, capable of creating itself, for purely immanent events" Msgr Sgreccia has presented a "reflection on ontogeny", in connection with Fides et Ratio Encyclical, researches of Pontifical Academy for Life, theological aspects, the necessity of an interdisciplinary method for this reflection, that involves "various fields of knowledge".

At STOQ '07 Conference, have been participated relators representing various lay organizations and religious institutions, from almost any continent of the world, presenting their reflections, and their practical involvement with ontogenesys, connecting with their research or field activities.

SRM has published a Special Newsletter on the Press Conference, held last 6th november at the Holy See Press Room, and is going to publish a page and a new Special Issue of Newsletter, with Press Review, on the event.

Links abstracts (italian and english version)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Monday, December 04, 2006

Presentation of Exhibition "Who's the Man of the Shroud ?"

"Who's the Man of the Shroud ?"

Presentation of Permanent Exhibition about the Shroud of Turin.

Rome, monday december 11, 2006
Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum
Auditorium Giovanni Paolo II

Free entrance

Link Exhibition (UPRA)

Link Exhibition (SRM)

Link pdf file